townhouse suites and appartments


Hostess Anna Schneider has everything in store to thrill pleasure-lovers .


The "Townhouse Suites & Apartments" offers a personal touch all of its own !

The guest from art ,  culture and business like the privacy .  the unconventional and cosmopolitan flair .


This charming ,  privately owned guesthouse manages to combine hospitable luxury with comfort and style in a unique fashion and it is specifically dedicated to those who prefer the privacy of an independent apartment ,providing the feeling of being home from home .


Originality ,  diversity and refinement  -  these are the ingredients for contriving a cultivated hospitality ,  which continues to surprise even well-versed world travellers .


Looking for a generous portion of a exclusive pleasure ?

Then a stay at the boarding house "Townhouse Suites & Apartments" is bound to appeal to you !


Where the guest is still is natural....